Kentucky Dream Coalation

boy in blue and white plaid shirt reading book
boy in blue and white plaid shirt reading book

Our History

KDC was founded by Alexis Meza, Erin Howard, and Rogelio (Roy) Roman during a national convergence promoted by the DREAM law in 2010. After the legislation failed by a closed vote, KDC members returned from the nation's capital disappointed but with a fire to expand our advocacy work.
Since then, KDC has been involved in many activities, ranging from marching and protesting to community involvement.

Our mission is to create leadership within our immigrant community by informing them of their rights and opportunities, Educational or not. KDC believes that by providing tools, guidance, and support and following the leadership of immigrant communities with insufficient resources, we can create a change that will last for new immigrants and future generations. We work to dismantle the wall that denies our community awareness of their rights as workers, students, and parents. Finally, because we understand that solidarity is best demonstrated through actions, our mission is to solidify our communities by collaborating to create meaningful and intersectional work.


We treat every student as an individual, making sure that the education we provide is much more than just exam results. For us, our values encompass everything we do.

About us

Welcome to our school, where students are always encouraged to be the best versions of themselves. We're helping to inspire the next generation of world leaders.

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